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BOSP Brighter Opportunities for Special People

The Cherry Family Foundation’s Impact

Brighter Opportunities for Special People (BOSP) recently celebrated a significant milestone in its quest to enrich the lives of young people with complex disabilities. The Cherry Family Foundation were delighted to help with a grant of £7,310 towards their project, BOSP successfully rolled out its ‘Pioneering Fun’ project, making a profound difference in the community.

Project Overview: BOSP ‘Pioneering Fun’

‘Pioneering Fun’, facilitated at the Pioneer School during school holidays, focused on providing 1794 hours of engaging activities paired with one-to-one specialist care for children aged between 4 and 25 years. The project was unique in its daily thematic educational undertakings, coupled with diverse activities such as hydrotherapy, sensory experiences, arts, and inclusive sports facilities. This innovative approach not only infused joy and learning into the lives of these special young people but also offered a substantial 5382 hours of respite to their families.

Transformative Outcomes

The impact of the ‘Pioneering Fun’ project was multifaceted:

  • Enhanced Communication: The project’s environment and activities encouraged two-way conversations, fostering better communication skills among the children.
  • Social Skills Development: Participation in group activities led to improved social skills and the formation of friendships.
  • Boosting Independence: As the children and young people engaged in new activities and decision-making, their confidence and independence soared.
  • Family Respite: The relief provided to families was invaluable, reducing stress and tiredness, thus enabling them to rejuvenate and continue their caregiving roles effectively.

Heartfelt Testimonials

The impact of BOSP’s work was best captured in the words of the parents:

  • A parent noted the growth in their child’s confidence and enjoyment in participating with peers.
  • Another expressed gratitude for BOSP’s deep understanding of their child, highlighting the personalized care and the nurturing environment provided.
  • A family shared how the project allowed them quality time with their other children, something often overshadowed by the intensive needs of their care-intensive child.

“He has grown in confidence, experienced new activities and joins in with his peers”.

“You are part of the fabric of our family now. Why? Because you know him inside out. You know what he likes in his lunch box. What sort of music gets him going. When he’s ready to chill under the trees. The fact that entertainers work so well. Children like *Robin are a long game. You can’t just read a care plan and expect to provide *Robin with a great day. It takes time to get to know their nuances. BOSP’s whole culture has been to achieve this. How can I tell? By the way we are greeted on arrival, by the photos and videos on his iPad, by the fact that everyone on the team KNOWS him… not just one or two people that work directly with him. It’s like a home from home. He’s not just managed for the day. He’s hanging out with people he really enjoys being with”.

“It has given us time with our other children. Life can be dominated by *Sally who needs 24-hour care and sometimes she needs both parents for her care. We can listen without saying hold on a minute, we can play a game, go to the cinema – all the things normal Families do. We can tidy the garage, garden, take a breath. Things other people take for granted!”

*Name Changed.

Navigating Challenges

Despite the success, the project faced challenges in accommodating the varying needs of the children, sometimes requiring more intensive support ratios. This adaptability, though it slightly reduced the number of places, ensured that those most in need received appropriate care.

Financial Stewardship

The project was meticulously budgeted, with costs covering specialist support workers, activity materials, and session coordination. The Cherry Family Foundation’s grant played a pivotal role in meeting these expenses, ensuring the project’s successful execution.

BOSP Proof of Success

BOSP invite the foundation and the public to view the project’s photographic journey, a testament to the joy and progress made possible by this grant.

In conclusion, the ‘Pioneering Fun’ project stands as a beacon of hope and joy, demonstrating the power of community, compassion, and commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people with special needs.

BOSP is committed to enhancing the lives of children and young adults who have complex disabilities or life-limiting conditions, as well as supporting their families. They achieve this by providing a range of high-quality, fun, and educational activities. Additionally, BOSP offers essential support and respite care, all aimed at ensuring these individuals and their families can lead the most fulfilling lives possible.

Find out more about the BOSP (Brighter Opportunities for Special People).

Registered Charity – 1107392

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